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How to Be a Better Leader, Lover, Mover & Shaker and Never Settle for Less Again

“Thank you, Mary, for your kindness, your support, your wise counsel. You came into my life just when I needed you and this process is so helpful.”

-Mary Lotto


Who are you at your highest and best?
Where do you want to go?
Who is with you?
Discover your own hidden genius, power and beauty. Silence the inner critic that keeps you playing small, that says you can’t or your’re not enough. See yourself and your place in the world in a new light so you can friend up, hire up, job up.


Boost your confidence. Unleash your creativity. Move forward with excitement. No matter what transition or pain is keeping you stuck in a job or life you hate, a NEW future awaits. Invest in your greatest resource (you!) and commit to the process of transformation. I will help you design a step by step action plan to recreate a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Be the leader everyone loves. Create the business you’ve always wanted. Have the intimacy and love that your soul desires. Coaching gives you access to self love, greater well-being and a wealth of new opportunities. You will learn to handle conflict and stress with ease and make empowered decisions that attract abundance and joy.

“Mary has given me tools to better handle conflict and stress and taught me that change begets change but it starts with me. She taught me how to look beyond myself in difficult moments to see how others may be interpreting a situation. These practices helped create lasting positive change in my life and in those around me. I am making self-care a priority and I am much more present with my family. This has led me to a level of happiness and a feeling of peace that I never thought possible.”

Alicia, R.E. Executive
“As a result of working with Mary, I have improved the quality of my life and my happiness quotient tenfold. I’ve regained my confidence both personally and professionally and I am on track to doubling my income this year.”


How Coaching Makes You Bold

It pains me to see remarkable women settle for a less-than-ideal lives, jobs, and relationships. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated by everything that’s on your plate. I know you want to be a better leader, partner and parent, but maybe you’re not sure how. Coaching with me will help you get unstuck, ease through transitions and elevate your conversations. I’ll show you how self-care creates self-love and BOOM! Magic happens. Your life expands, soul mates appear, relationships deepen. Joy is beheld when you love you!

If you are a high performer who is willing to invest the time and money to achieve results you never thought possible, I can show you how to rock your world.

My clients have manifested great things, such as:
• New jobs with their highest earning years ever
• Met and married their soul mates
• Major career appointments and promotions
• Become respected leaders
• Freed themselves from codependency
• Ended or repaired dysfunctional relationships
• Exponentially increased their Joy Quotient

My Commitment… to show you:

. The lies in your head holding you back.
• How boundaries give you more time for fun
• How to blast through roadblocks to success .
• How to be accountable for decisions and actions
• How trusting your gut leads to better decisions.
. And so much more….

Your secrets are safe with me. I will stand for your greatness when your confidence wanes and your commitment sags. You CAN be the change you wish to see in the world.

How Does It Work?

Follow These Steps

First, scroll down and fill out the form to apply for a free consultation call with me

Next, show up to our scheduled call to discover how coaching with me can rock your world.

You jump on the bandwagon, discover your superpower and begin to shine.

How Much Will This Cost?

Consider The following

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” What is it costing you to remain exactly where you are? What will your life look like in one year, five years, ten years if you don’t invest in yourself and commit to doing the work to change your life?

Do you want to be kicking yourself for not being more courageous, taken more chances, given more of yourself to the world?

Lasting change requires guidance, support and community. So what are you waiting for? Begin today to show the world your genius and passion.

Meet the CEO

Mary Lotto

“Everything necessary to live an extraordinary life lies within you.”

I am a curious and optimistic straight-shooter rigorously trained in Coaching’s best programs. My clients are high performing leaders who are up to big things and who are willing to invest the time and money to be their best selves. Are you one of them?

Our swiftly changing world needs your brand of leadership. I will help you create your own magic, clearly communicate your vision and access your intuition to guide you toward that vision. I’ll help you let go of old stories to allow the magnificence of your future to unfold.

I have been where you are, both in the corporate world and as a serial entrepreneur. I have grown through my own challenges… cancer, divorce, bankruptcy, the loss of loved ones, and temporary blindness are a few, and I will help you grow through yours. The resulting gifts are priceless: forgiveness, gratitude, humility and wonder in your own ability to heal and grow.

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